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COVID is Making Me Grieve My Baby’s First Birthday Party


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Dec 08, 2020

I’m with you... you’re not alone. Hopefully someday we can look back on this year and give ourselves grace.

Mar 02, 2021


You are not alone. Being a first time mom and having my son March 25th 2020 but at the beginning of all this madness. As much as it was hitting me differently with being a mom it was mostly alone not that my husband wasn’t doing much he was doing as much as he knew at the time. But now my sons first birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I’m just looking up ideas and whatever I can to see if I can pull off a birthday that would be enough selfishly for me I suppose since yes he won’t remember it at all. Sigh.... you are definitely not alone mama... I said the same thing with my gender reveal and baby shower that I was stressing myself for no reason and ended up forgetting about a lot of things but enjoyed it all. Keep your head up.

May 05, 2021

This is not my first child's first birthday party I'm trying to plan, but my first child in quite awhile...almost 9 years. This is definitely my last one and I never thought when I first got pregnant that the same big birthday bash tradition we carried with the first 2 kids wouldn't be possible for this one. I know she won't remember it, but she will have a lot of pictures and memorabilia to look back with and I don't want her to feel cheated. But I feel cheated and defeated already. I'm determined to find a solution, though. Good luck, fellow mamas!

Gavina Jimenez
May 19, 2021

2020 babies

I truly get it! My 1st child was born last July and i feel like I was cheated out of my happy pregnancy...had to buy awkward fitting cloths online... virtual baby shower and the worst all my family had to meet him through a window....Many have not meet him...He will be turning 0ne and its for celebrating and meeting...it's awful i feel like maybe I should ask for vaccine card at the door of his party....crazy