Haakaa Generation 3
Haakaa Manual Silicone Breast Pump

If you choose to breastfeed your baby, the Haakaa pump is likely a good option to use especially for collecting breast milk while nursing. Using natural suction, the Haakaa gently pumps from the non-nursing breast to collect milk that otherwise would have been wasted. You squeeze to activate and it will attach to your breast and can be used hands-free. It requires no cords or batteries. This is also a great option to use during feeding (on the opposite side your little one is nursing on) to catch letdown and not let any of that liquid gold go to waste. The Haakaa pump is BPA, PVC and phthalate-free, lightweight and easy to store and transport. Just make sure to sterilize it after each use by boiling in water for three to five minutes.

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4 oz.
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Haakaa Breast Pump Review

The Haakaa Manual Breast Pump is an absolute must-have for breastfeeding and exclusive-pumping mamas.

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