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Kudos Diapers

Kudos are the diaper equivalent of your favorite pillow. They’re soft, breathable, and made of 100% cotton. Great for sensitive skin, these disposable diapers use TruCotton sourced from farmers in the U.S (made without chemicals and other nasty stuff), and are perfect if your baby experiences bouts of eczema and diaper rash. Kudos are hypoallergenic – that’s the magic of cotton – and unlike other brands of disposable diapers, you don’t have to worry about your baby’s backside being engulfed in plastic. Added bonus, Kudos’ leak-protection works at all times. No more buying expensive overnight diapers and no more nighttime leaks!

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Kudos Diapers Review: Engineered for Baby Bottoms

I recently had the opportunity to try Kudos diapers on my 11-month-old. I wouldn’t say I was skeptical, but I certainly had never heard of them. Well, guess who was pleasantly surprised? You’ll see why in my Kudos Diapers review below.

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