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Newton Baby Mattress
Newton Baby Mattress

The Original Crib Mattress by Newton Baby is uniquely designed to foster a safer sleep environment for newborns and toddlers. Newton Baby uses their one-of-a-kind technology, called Breathe-Thru Technology, to create a mattress that is 100% breathable and washable. The cover can be removed and put in the wash while the core can be rinsed upright in the shower or with a hose. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and latex, foam, and glue are never used during production. The Original Crib Mattress is a 2-stage mattress, which means it is firm enough for a newborn but comfortable enough for a toddler.

Breathable + washable
Newborn – toddler
GreenGUARD Gold Certification
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Newton Baby Mattress: Breathable, Washable, and Recyclable

Washable to the core, because babyhood can be messy.

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